CyanogenMod 12.1 Lollipop for Alcatel PIXI 3 all variants 4009 4013 4027

cyanogenmod 12 for alcatel pixi 3 4009 4013 4027
Ohhhhhhhhhh come on guys hear that nice thing here's the CyanogenMod 12.1 real Cyanogen for all variants of Alcatel PIXI 3 which is an incredibly awesome to have an Android Lollipop 5.1 on:
CyanogenMod 12.1 Alcatel PIXI 3 3.5inch 4009
CyanogenMod 12.1 Alcatel PIXI 3 4inch 4013
CyanogenMod 12.1 Alcatel PIXI 3 4.5inch 4027

That's amazing surprise to has CyanogenMod on MTK based device Alcatel PIXI3.
As you know CyanogenMod is the best custom ROM developed ever on the market.
It's a hardly optimized for fastest & smoothest working on all kind of devices in this situation of low-end devices as Alcatel PIXI 3 models it can work awesome than any custom ROM yet.
No lag, no slow-down it's a CyanogenMod ROM give a try.

cyanogenmod rom for alcatel pixi 3 alcatel pixi 3 4009 alcatel pixi 4013 alcatel pixi 4027

Some of features:
  • Based on Android AOSP Lollipop 5.1
  • All features from CyanogenMod of course! and themes
  • Rooted & Busybox already
  • Great improvements & enhancements about:
  • Sound, GPU, CPU, Camera, GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G, Screen and more.
  • Unique features by CyanogenMod Team
  • Custom kernel
  • Init.d 
What works/not works:
  • Alcatel PIXI 3 [3.5inch] 4009 - camera
  • Alcatel PIXI 3 [4inch] 4013 - everything works, except vibration
  • Alcatel PIXI 3 [4.5inch] 4027 - camera may work may not work  
How to install:

You need to have custom recovery to flash this ROM check out installation TWRP custom recovery .
At first Download and copy ROM and Gapps respectively for your model:
  • CyanogenMod 12.1 Alcatel PIXI 3 3.5inch 4009 - link
  • CyanogenMod 12.1 Alcatel PIXI 3 4inch 4013 - link
  • CyanogenMod 12.1 Alcatel PIXI 3 4.5inch 4027 - link
  • Gapps for Lollipop 5.1 - link
 It's recommended to backup your current ROM before anything move on to backup button  then backup!Once backup completed you can proceed of installation of CyanogenMod 12.1.
  1. So, after you have TWRP on Alcatel PIXI 3.
  2. Boot into TWRP recovery by pressing first Vol UP + Power button by holding for 5seconds until you see TWRP recovery.
  3. Go to WIPE -> Advanced -> Wipe data,cache,system,dalvik.
  4. Then go back to Install and choose ROM which you downloaded before.
  5. Once CyanogenMod 12.1 will completed installation!
  6. Go to install Gapps zip package.
  7. And after all you can reboot system!
  8. That's it, Enjoy of amazing CyanogenMod 12.1 on Alcatel PIXI 3.

Credits:  vorontsoff7, Oleg...a, Faustino

AOSP ROM for Alcatel PIXI 3 all variants

aosp custom rom for alcatel pixi 3 4009 4013 4027 all varinats mtk6572m
Here's the fast and smooth AOSP ROM for Alcatel PIXI 3 for all variants:
  • Alcatel PIXI 3 (3.5inch) 4009
  • Alcatel PIXI 3 (4inch) 4013
  • Alcatel PIXI 3 (4.5inch) 4027

It is fast, clean from bloatwares faster than stock ROM of Alcatel One Touch PIXI 3.
Provides battery saving with improvements with kernel and from OS.
Unique features like Wireless FM radio, AOSP settings menu and many more inside.
Optimized Wifi, Gps, Camera, RAM for better user experience.
Graphics enhancements for no lag in Games.
No need from root, already rooted.

Some of features: 
- Only 200mb 
- More space for data partition
- Rooted(SuperSU)
- Integrated Busybox
- No bloatwares
- Based on Android Kitkat 4.4
- Sound enhancements with Viper4Android
- Louder loudspeaker
- Camera improvements
- Speed improvements for MTK6572 
- Battery saver
- Wifi, GPS optimizations 
- Wireless FM radio
- Advanced power menu

- Custom kernel with improvements for fast & smooth running
- Init.d support

Here are the screenshots from ROM

fast and smooth rom aosp for alcatel one touch pixi 3 4009 4013 4027

Install instructions:  

Always make backup before doing anyting on device, also I'm not responsible for any damage on your device.DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  1. Needed custom recovery to be installed if you don't have install from POST "Custom recovery for Alcatel PIXI 3 all variants".
  2. Copy ROM zip to SD card or Internal memory for your model from below.
  3. Boot into TWRP recovery.
  4. Go to Wipe -> Advanced -> do wipe data,cache,system,dalvik.
  5. Back to install and locate ROM zip file depends where you copied before.
  6. When you find ROM press and confirm installation!
  7. Wait some time to complete!
  8. That's it, Enjoy of AOSP ROM on Alcatel PIXI 3.

ROM download:
  1. AOSP ROM for Alcatel PIXI 3 (3.5inch) 4009 - download link
  2. AOSP ROM for Alcatel PIXI 3 (4inch) 4013 - download link
  3. AOSP ROM for Alcatel PIXI 3 (4.5inch) 4027 - download link
Check out video tutorial of installation
note: in video there's 3 flashing zips but I've combined into one and there's no need to flashing anything than ROM.
Credits for port: oleg...a
Modified by: ( GaDDMaNN)

Alcatel PIXI 3 custom recovery TWRP for all variants 4009, 4013,4027

alcatel pixi 3 twrp recovery all variants

There's an available custom recovery TeamWin(TWRP) for all variants of Alcatel PIXI 3 which are
- Alcatel PIXI 3 3.5 - 4009 model
- Alcatel PIXI 3 4.0 - 4013 model
- Alcatel PIXI 3 4.5 - 4027 model
Alcatel PIXI 3 above variants are powered by MTK6572M dual-core CPU but there's some other variants with qualcomm CPU, also this TWRP not applicable for them.
For what is needed this one: With custom recovery You can install custom ROMs, Tweaks, mods, etc.

Installation of custom recovery on Alcatel PIXI 3 MTK6572M:
There's two ways of installation or flashing recoveries

1.From device
- You need to have root access on your Alcatel PIXI 3 to install directly on the device, check out this post tutorial How to Root Alcatel PIXI 3 oneclick Root or here's the video of rooting Alcatel PIXI 3.

- So let's suppose you have now Rooted Alcatel PIXI 3.
  • Download TWRP img for your model below and copy to Internal memory or SD Card.
  • Download from Play Store Flashify app.
- Open the Flashify app.
- Go to recovery flash like on picture.

- On next screen choose file

- Choose file explorer from right appearing menu.

- Navigate to /mnt/sdcard (internal memory) or /mnt/sdcard2 (external card) depends on where you transfered twrp img file.

- When you find img file press it and confirm flashing!

 - Once TWRP recovery flashed successfully it will ask you for rebooting into recovery!

- That's it for this method of flashing custom recovery on Alcatel PIXI 3.

Here's the video tutorial of flashing TWRP recovery with Phone

2.From PC
- You need to download following files:
  • Drivers for Alcatel PIXI 3 from Mobile Upgrade S  - link
  • Flasher of Mediatek ROM, recovery, boot.img - Sp Flash Tool - link
  • Scatter file for your model download from below 
  • TWRP img file for your model download from below 

- Once you've downloaded all files
- Extract Sp flash tools to somewhere of PC
- Open flash_tool from folder of Sp Flash Tool

- Go to scatter loading on left top corner

- Find the scatter file which you previously downloaded txt file

- After that go to recovery line which on empty space as you see on picture

- Find TWRP img file and open it

- Finally turn off your Alcatel PIXI 3 completely then click Download button on top and plug USB cable to phone then to PC
- Once img is flashed successfully you can reboot into recovery by pressing Vol Up + Power button for 5seconds

Files TWRP & Scatter for Alcatel PIXI 3:

- Alcatel PIXI 3 (3.5) 4009:
  1. DOWNLOAD TWRP v2.8.7.0
  2. DOWNLOAD TWRP v3.0.0.0
  3. DOWNLOAD TWRP v3.0.0.2
- Alcatel PIXI 3 (4) 4013:
  1. DOWNLOAD TWRP v2.8.7.0
  2. DOWNLOAD TWRP v3.0.0.0
  3. DOWNLOAD TWRP v3.0.0.2
- Alcatel PIXI 3 (4.5) 4027:
  1. DOWNLOAD TWRP v2.8.7.0
  2. DOWNLOAD TWRP v3.0.0.0
  3. DOWNLOAD TWRP v3.0.0.2

How to install easily stock ROM on any Alcatel Pixi3, Pixi3.5, Pixi4, Pixi5, Idol, Idol2, Spop, Mpop, Xpop, Star, Pop

 flashing stock android rom easy on any alcatel smartphone

If you may not handle with this Tutorial of backing up your Alcatel device and with this Tutorial to restore stock ROM on your Alcatel here's comes easy part of this.
How to restore original Android ROM easily on any Alcatel One Touch Pixi3, Pixi3.5, Pixi4, Pixi5, Idol, Idol2, Spop, Mpop, Xpop, Star, Pop and others.
So it might will work on any Android but may not work on some like Idol 3.

Let's begin flashing fresh Stock ROM on your Alcatel One Touch Android device:

note: Before installing stock ROM make sure you've at least 30-50% of battery.

  1. Download Mobile Upgrade from ( and go to support and choose your model then download it).
  2. Install exe on your PC and open it up Mobile Upgrade!
  3. Window will appear and choose your model from the list.
  4. Power off completely your Alcatel.
    note: Make sure you've disabled Quick Boot
    or (Fast boot) from settings->accessiblity (may found on different place on each other model but Quick boot  is on settings, if you don't find there hold power button and may there then uncheck. 
  5. After choosing your model press START button.
  6. Then NEXT.
  7. Then plug USB cable to your phone and PC.
  8. After that stock ROM for your model will be downloaded to your PC you need to wait some time until downloading finished!
  9. Finally it will ask you to dissconnect USB cable from Phone.
  10. On Alcatel screen press Upgrade Phone and plug USB cable again!
  11. Once ROM successfully flashed into your Alcatel One Touch it will reboot automatically.
  12. And enjoy you will have a fresh Stock Android ROM on your Alcatel One Touch device!
  13. That's it!
If this post not clear for you can see the Video tutorial of Flashing Stock ROM on Alcatel One Touch!


If you not get success with this Mobile Upgrade tool on your Alcatel One Touch Idol, Pixi, POP and etc. In stock ROMs for Alcatel post you can found some of stock ROMs for most models of Alcatel One Touch Pixi3, Pixi3.5, Pixi4, Pixi4.5,Pixi5, Idol, Idol2, Idol3, Spop, Mpop, Xpop, Star, Hero.

Custom ROM LOLLIFOX for Alcatel Idol mini 6012

android lollipop 5.0 for alcatel idol mini lollifox rom

Here we go a Android Lollipop Looks ROM - LOLLIFOX.A Lollifox ROM is the fastest and smoothest ROM developed ever for Alcatel Idol mini 6012 - MTK6572, also it available for other chipsets like MTK6589, MTK6582 etc.ROM developed by fmddev team which provides best user experience with Android Lollipop looks it has themed to provide amazing looks, fast & smooth running on MTK6572 CPU which is in range of low-end chipsets.
If we compare with stock ROM there's no two opinions 'cause ROM running really fast with trully improvements and enhancements.

Some of features observed by me:
  • - Based on Android JellyBean 4.2.2 but with Material design from Android Lollipop
  • - Android Lollipop at 95% themed
  • - Lightweight over 100-120mb
  • - Hardly optimized for Fastest & Smoothest than other ROMs
  • - More space for Apps & Games
  • - Volume boost by default for media, calls, fm radio, headphones(no manual required)
  • - Supports dual sim on model Alcatel idol mini 6012d
  • - Partitions info in Developer options
  • - Suitable for daily using(even no lags, actually for this moment I don't meet any) 
  • - Brightness slider in notification bar
  • - Some improvements for graphics, sound, sensors, calls, 3g, wifi, camera etc.
  • - Integrated Gapps 
  • - Startup apps - disabler/enabler in Settings
  • - Quick shortuct for Engineer mode in Settings
  • - 100% I missed some things!
Installation instructions for Lollifox ROM - Alcatel Idol mini:

files for downloading:
  1. A ROM - Lollifox ROM for Alcatel Idol mini 6012 - LINK
important steps
- first make sure you've Root.
- second make sure you've installed custom recovery - TWRP or CWM
(if you don't have check out this post).

- Turn off device completely

- Boot into Recovery by holding together Vol up + Power button for 5seconds.

For TWRP use touch screen:
  1. Go to WIPE and choose factory reset then confirm.
  2. Go back to main then INSTALL and choose zip archive which previously put into your SDcard.
  3. Wait installation to complete.
  4. You can reboot your device.
  5. Enjoy of this great ROM.

For CWM use buttons:
  1. Go to wipe data/factory reset and confirm.
  2. Go to install and choose zip archive which previously put into your SDcard.
  3. Wait to finish installation.
  4. That's it.
  5. Reboot & Enjoy of Lollifox ROM.
Video tutorial of installation & Review of Lollifox ROM