Jul 31, 2013

How to increase volume of headset or speaker Alcatel STAR, Alcatel IDOL, Alcatel SPOP

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I want to share my knowledge about how you can increase volume of headset, speaker, loudspeaker etc. after dial the some specific numbers(code) on dialer which enter into "Engineer Mode".
Actually this trick is very easy to do, every even inexperienced can do it without any problems.
This trick is compatible with most Android based Alcatel One Touch models like Alcatel IDOL, Alcatel STAR, Alcatel SPOP, Alcatel IDOL Ultra and others.

So you need to dial these numbers to entering into Enginner Mode*#*#3646633#*#*

We [ALCATELSTAR.BLOGSPOT.COM] not resposible for any damage of your Androd(like bricking, corrupted/broken speakers headphnes) after using this tutorial.


  1. Dial on dialpad *#*#3646633#*#*.
  2. Slide your finger left twice and enter into option Audio there are several options:
    - Normal mode(here's adjusts the music volume from the speaker)
    - Headset mode(here's for headset volume for Music, FmRadio etc.)
    - Loudspeaker mode(FmRadio, Incoming call volume, Loudspeaker on call etc.)
    - Speech Enhancement(not needed for normal user)
    - Debug Info(not needed for normal user)
    - Speech Logger(not needed normal user)
    - Audio Logger(not needed normal user)
  3. So for example, let's increase the volume for headphones of Music.
  4. Enter into "Headset mode" go to "Type" drop-down menu and select Media(for FmRadio is FMR).
  5. Then go to "Level" and select Level 6(it means that the latter level when the goal of increasing and decreasing the sound of Vol +/- buttons).
  6. Now on "Value is 0~255" almost the end where is located and increase on my Alcatel STAR value is "128" increase with 10, 20, 30 but important remember don't increase to maximum risk to damage the speaker of Phone.
  7. As you see in the end there is another option with value "Max Vol.0~160" on my phone's 140(on other Alcatel phones may be different values) if my value at first option is at maximum you can increase and this but don't touch only in a pinch.
  8. I hope to understand you my long guide of increasing volume on Alcatel phone's.
note: on Normal mode-> again for music is "Media".
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Jul 26, 2013

Changing hidden theme of Alcael One Touch STAR, IDOL, SPOP

changing theme alcatel one touch star, idol, spop

I will show you how to change stock white theme of Alcatel STAR,IDOL,SPOP with modification something in the code of the file build.prop.
I discovered this by accident when I fiddling with the phone.

note: Before process you need to have a Root check this or this post for Rooting.

Let's see what is changing after change theme.

Black theme is more good because black color not irritate the eyes also energy saving on Alcatel STAR with AMOLED display.

jrd theme alcatel star, idol, spop
change theme alcatel star, idol, spop
We [ALCATELSTAR.BLOGSPOT.COM] not resposible for any damage of your Androd(like bricking, not turning on ,dead sdcard etc.) after using this tutorial.
                                       REMEMBER DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

  1. Download Root browser or other app file manage that allow changing files in whole system.
  2. Open Root browser and go to /custpack and open build.prop for editing and locate the following code: persist.sys.jrdtheme=001 and change to persist.sys.jrdtheme=000 therefore save the changes then reboot phone once.
    (on dual sim version models 003 and 004 also working with more good icons and interface.)
    important: don't confuse build.prop in /system/ there is also such a file build.prop but it is symlink and crash your phone if you edit it you will get Bootloop(phone will not working properly)
  3. That's it Enjoy a your new theme!!!
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Jul 25, 2013

One click Root Alcatel One Touch STAR 6010 & Alcatel One Touch IDOL 6030

one click root alcatel star, alcatel idol, alcatel spop

One click Root Alcatel STAR 6010, Alcatel IDOL 6030, Alcatel SPOP 4030

Framaroot new amazing one click root method for Rooting Alcatel One Touch STAR 6010, Alcatel One Touch IDOL 6030, Alcatel One Touch SPOP 4030 and may work with other Mediatek Android devices also you can check full compatibility list of the bottom link on original thread report if it works with your device.

Actually Framaroot is an app which you install on your Android then you divide just one click to get to the Root.
Rooting with Framaroot is very easy and does not need all these operations to flash the unsecured for Alcatel STAR, IDOL, SPOP(which have MTK CPU) or custom Recovery like CWM, TWRP.Believe it worked and of the my device not a joke.

Your warranty is now void after using this tutorial.
We [ALCATELSTAR.BLOGSPOT.COM] not resposible for any damage of your Androd(like bricking, not turning on ,dead sdcard etc.) after using this tutorial.

Several guidelines on installation for newbies who still are confronted with Аndroid OS:
  1. At first you need to download Framaroot app from Phone or PC - link.
  2. In phone go to Settings->Security->Unknown sources(Allow install of non-Play Store applications) and tick checkbox then go back and find with file manager Framaroot.apk and install it.
  3. Open Framaroot and choose what to be installed SuperSU or Superuser doesn't have any matter what you choose.
  4. Final step press Boromir to ROOT message will appear:

    Success:-) ... Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device!!!
  5. If you have already acquired the Root rights over the device you can verify Root rights with "Root checker" app - link.
  6. It's all as easy as ABC.
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Jul 23, 2013

How to install Flash Player on Alcatel One Touch STAR 6010 & IDOL 6030

install flash player alcatel star idol

How to install Adobe Flash Player 11 on Jelly Bean Alcatel One Touch STAR,IDOL and other ICS & Jelly Bean Android devices

Adobe Flash Player for Android all version is no longer available for download and support from the Play Store, but it is still exist on the internet Adobe archive and еach users of Android can download and install Adobe Flash Player on their devices.If you don't know how to install Flash Player on your Alcatel One Touch STAR, IDOL or other based Ice Cream Sandwich & Jelly Bean based Android to learn follow the steps below:

Installation instructions:

  1. Make sure your phone is connected to WiFi.
  2. Download from Adobe site Flash Player 11 - direct download link.
  3. Find downloaded apk with name "install_flash_player_ics.apk" and install.
  4. You can check whether it works just go to http://whatismyflashplayerversion.com
    if you have successfully installed Flash Player will be displayed like next text:
    You have Flash player     11.111 installed.
  5. Final step setting up Flash Player: on more than Android Internet browsers by default Flash Player plugin is disabled so, we need to turn it on:
    If you're using Dolphin browser go to settings->web content->Flash Player and select Always on;
    If you're using Boat browser go to settings->page content settings->Enable flash/plug-ing and select Always on;
    note: Chrome doesn't support Flash Player it used HTML5
    That's it!
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Tutorial how to root Alcatel One Touch STAR 6010X and 6010D

how to root alcatel onetouch star 6010x and alcatel one touch star 6030x

How to Root Alcatel One Touch STAR 6010X and 6010D

There are many ways to Root Android but not all working with success for certain particular Android Smartphones are required some specific techniques.

Let us mention for newbies what is Root and what it is used :

- Root gives to your Android based smartphone administrator rights as on Windows OS;
- You can install some specific applications e.g. Titanium Backup or Link2SD;
- With Root you can remove bloatware from system;
- With Root You can change Android system fonts;
With some simple words you can do everything with Root you have all the freedom the  
whole system but you should know what you are doing.

So, if you want to Root Alcatel One Touch STAR 6010X or 6010D follow the following Тutorial.

Your warranty is now void after using this tutorial.
We [ALCATELSTAR.BLOGSPOT.COM] not resposible for any damage of your Androd(like bricking, not turning on ,dead sdcard etc.) after using this tutorial.

    Begining of Tutorial:

    required files for download 
    1. MTK VCOM Drivers - download linkInstall MTK VCOM drivers(necessary for SP FLASH TOOL)
    2. Alcatel One Touch STAR ADB Drivers - download link- Install ADB drivers(necessary for MTK DROID TOOLS)
    3. Sp flash tool - download linkExtract archive SP flash tool to desktop
    4. MTK Droid tools - download link- Extract archive MTK Droid tools to desktop
    5. ClockWorkMod custom Recovery - download link
      - Extract archive ClockWorkMod to desktop(it contains CWM recovery, stock recovery and scatter text file)
    1. Launch Sp Flash Tool blue icon.
    2. Go to scatter loading and find scatter file from CWM.zip archive.
      this step will overwrite your stock Android Recovery with custom Recovery ClockWorkMod
    3. Go to Recovery section and press once with left mouse then load CWM.img file from CWM.zip archive.
      note: don't select wrong name only "Recovery" you canre soft-brick your phone
    4. After loading scatter and recovery you need to plug usb cable and wait to drivers installtion.
    5. Press Download button at bottom (dangerous don't press Format or Format->Upgrade) and will show a message and press "Yes" for countinue message as this:

      Download Warning: Not all images are correctly loaded, which may cause boot up issue!Do you still want to go on downloading anyway?
      One red and blue line will pass once this means that the file is satved in the NAND flash when finishing will appear big green circle with text DOWNLOAD OK and unplug usb cable.
      note: If you see an error on SP FLASH TOOL unplug usb cable and replug again and going to be Okay! 
    6. Now boot phone into ClockWorkMod Recovery at turned phone with following buttons combinations VOL UP + POWER ON/OFF for 3sec. until will be displayed CWM recovery.
    7. Next step you need to launch MTK Droid Tools
      note: before launching MTK Droid Tools (make sure that you turn off your antivirus software for some time while running MTK Droid Tools) 
    8. Plug usb cable then go to root,backup,recovery if drivers are good installed at right corner with cyan color and text "Режим рекавъри"(that means phone is in Recovery mode).
    9. At root, backup, recovery section :
      - press SuperUser(will ask what app to be installed SuperSU or SuperUser doesn't matter which will you choose);
      - press Build.prop(this will write some modifications on build.prop file);
      - press delete china(this will delete unnecessary chinese apps);
    10. After all operations which were done finally press reboot button to root working!!!
    11. That's it Congratulations you have Rooted Alcatel One Touch STAR 6010X!!!

    - ClockWorkMod recovery by TheSolutor
    - Tutorial written by www.alcatelstar.blogspot.com
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    Hello! for users of Alcatel One Touch STAR 6010X and 6010D

    alcatel one touch star 6010x

    Hello! to users, fans, and buyers of Android Smartphone Alcatel One Touch STAR 6010X & 6010D .
    I have created this blog specially to show all of you about some tutorials such as how to root Alcatel One Touch STAR 6010X and 6010D, full backup & restore, flashing a custom Recovery like ClockWorkMod(CWM) and TWRP(TeamWin), procedure to installing some useful applications and compatible Games.
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