Jul 26, 2013

Changing hidden theme of Alcael One Touch STAR, IDOL, SPOP

changing theme alcatel one touch star, idol, spop

I will show you how to change stock white theme of Alcatel STAR,IDOL,SPOP with modification something in the code of the file build.prop.
I discovered this by accident when I fiddling with the phone.

note: Before process you need to have a Root check this or this post for Rooting.

Let's see what is changing after change theme.

Black theme is more good because black color not irritate the eyes also energy saving on Alcatel STAR with AMOLED display.

jrd theme alcatel star, idol, spop
change theme alcatel star, idol, spop
We [ALCATELSTAR.BLOGSPOT.COM] not resposible for any damage of your Androd(like bricking, not turning on ,dead sdcard etc.) after using this tutorial.
                                       REMEMBER DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

  1. Download Root browser or other app file manage that allow changing files in whole system.
  2. Open Root browser and go to /custpack and open build.prop for editing and locate the following code: persist.sys.jrdtheme=001 and change to persist.sys.jrdtheme=000 therefore save the changes then reboot phone once.
    (on dual sim version models 003 and 004 also working with more good icons and interface.)
    important: don't confuse build.prop in /system/ there is also such a file build.prop but it is symlink and crash your phone if you edit it you will get Bootloop(phone will not working properly)
  3. That's it Enjoy a your new theme!!!


it worked and helps with the battery saving.

It's the only theme available??

If it try let's say 006 or 007 for instance will I brick the phone?

& this blog is brilliant btw.. Kepp up the good work let's hope it will be updated soon!:)

after 004 don't try there's no theme

003 and 004 works but when I try to open my Messaging, it wont open I got this "Unfortunately messaging has stopped".. so I return it to 001.. Alcatel Sapphire 2 (Xpop) dual sim

can you do this in stock phones(not rooted)??

Doesn't work on 6030a.Tried three times but nothing happened.---KALRA INDIA

Yes on one sim versions not working all themes.

Yes on stock but needed rooted phone.

Mhm strange... I don't know!
Can you make backup of your ROM with TWRP or from sp flash tool I want to try on my Alcatel ?

Sending you the link http://www.androidiani.com/forum/alcatel-modding/299000-one-touch-star-6010d-e-idol-6030d-e-sicuramente-altri-modelli-e-i-temi-nascosti.html.{CUT COPY PASTE in browser} tried this method but nothing works no more hidden themes Mr.Kubo.---KALRA INDIA

Hello Mr.Kalda,
Do you hear me!!! Make full backup of your ROM I will try on my Alcatel.

Do you have another way??? Please? :)

works whit OT Idol 6030X!!! very nice, i must try 002, 003 or 004 to see other themes!! tnx!!

I think I have the wrong file to edit. Now the phone is locked.
How do I fix this?
could you help me? Thank you.

Hello friends, I have Alcatel OT POP C5 and i dont have files written above
(persist.sys.jrdtheme=001) i have persist.sys. jrdtheme=1 and persist.sys.flagjrdyheme=001. I also have file jrdtheme.config with 1=holo and 2=orange in it so i think it is possible to change theme. Could someone help me please?

Sweet! it works for OTS single sim. I tried 003 and 000
Question: while browsing to find the file in question (build...etc) I found a folder with the boot animation from my local provider, quite the ugly gif. Can I change that without messing the phone? Place a new gif in the folder or simply remove it?
Congratulations on the forum!

Hello there can u te me how to restore default factory settings I rooted my phone n sumthin damaged my system n ion kno wat to do

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can revert changes with this

It's working on my öwn s4010 (a rebranded onetouch star)

nothing changes on my 6010X. ive tried even 003 and 004

003 works but when I try to open my Messaging, it wont open I got this "Unfortunately messaging has stopped".. so I return it to 001.. Alcatel One touch star dual sim

i tried hard to edit it to persist.sys.jrdtheme=003 but its not being saved successfully..which option is to open text file to save successfully.....?

i tried hard to edit it to persist.sys.jrdtheme=003 or 004 but its not being saved successfully..i tried many build.prop editor?

Works on Alcatel one touch ultra hd with theme 000 but when try paste a number in telephone app crash :(

So how can i stop jrd test from showing on my screen.every minute.