Jul 23, 2013

Tutorial how to root Alcatel One Touch STAR 6010X and 6010D

how to root alcatel onetouch star 6010x and alcatel one touch star 6030x

How to Root Alcatel One Touch STAR 6010X and 6010D

There are many ways to Root Android but not all working with success for certain particular Android Smartphones are required some specific techniques.

Let us mention for newbies what is Root and what it is used :

- Root gives to your Android based smartphone administrator rights as on Windows OS;
- You can install some specific applications e.g. Titanium Backup or Link2SD;
- With Root you can remove bloatware from system;
- With Root You can change Android system fonts;
With some simple words you can do everything with Root you have all the freedom the  
whole system but you should know what you are doing.

So, if you want to Root Alcatel One Touch STAR 6010X or 6010D follow the following Тutorial.

Your warranty is now void after using this tutorial.
We [ALCATELSTAR.BLOGSPOT.COM] not resposible for any damage of your Androd(like bricking, not turning on ,dead sdcard etc.) after using this tutorial.

    Begining of Tutorial:

    required files for download 
    1. MTK VCOM Drivers - download linkInstall MTK VCOM drivers(necessary for SP FLASH TOOL)
    2. Alcatel One Touch STAR ADB Drivers - download link- Install ADB drivers(necessary for MTK DROID TOOLS)
    3. Sp flash tool - download linkExtract archive SP flash tool to desktop
    4. MTK Droid tools - download link- Extract archive MTK Droid tools to desktop
    5. ClockWorkMod custom Recovery - download link
      - Extract archive ClockWorkMod to desktop(it contains CWM recovery, stock recovery and scatter text file)
    1. Launch Sp Flash Tool blue icon.
    2. Go to scatter loading and find scatter file from CWM.zip archive.
      this step will overwrite your stock Android Recovery with custom Recovery ClockWorkMod
    3. Go to Recovery section and press once with left mouse then load CWM.img file from CWM.zip archive.
      note: don't select wrong name only "Recovery" you canre soft-brick your phone
    4. After loading scatter and recovery you need to plug usb cable and wait to drivers installtion.
    5. Press Download button at bottom (dangerous don't press Format or Format->Upgrade) and will show a message and press "Yes" for countinue message as this:

      Download Warning: Not all images are correctly loaded, which may cause boot up issue!Do you still want to go on downloading anyway?
      One red and blue line will pass once this means that the file is satved in the NAND flash when finishing will appear big green circle with text DOWNLOAD OK and unplug usb cable.
      note: If you see an error on SP FLASH TOOL unplug usb cable and replug again and going to be Okay! 
    6. Now boot phone into ClockWorkMod Recovery at turned phone with following buttons combinations VOL UP + POWER ON/OFF for 3sec. until will be displayed CWM recovery.
    7. Next step you need to launch MTK Droid Tools
      note: before launching MTK Droid Tools (make sure that you turn off your antivirus software for some time while running MTK Droid Tools) 
    8. Plug usb cable then go to root,backup,recovery if drivers are good installed at right corner with cyan color and text "Режим рекавъри"(that means phone is in Recovery mode).
    9. At root, backup, recovery section :
      - press SuperUser(will ask what app to be installed SuperSU or SuperUser doesn't matter which will you choose);
      - press Build.prop(this will write some modifications on build.prop file);
      - press delete china(this will delete unnecessary chinese apps);
    10. After all operations which were done finally press reboot button to root working!!!
    11. That's it Congratulations you have Rooted Alcatel One Touch STAR 6010X!!!

    - ClockWorkMod recovery by TheSolutor
    - Tutorial written by www.alcatelstar.blogspot.com


    help less :( i dont understnad

    how to install the ADB usb driver ?

    Ouuu sorry for this I uploaded the wrong link.Now is OK!!!

    hi there, do you have guide for the TWRP rooting? the TWRP from your site is in .img
    thank you so much.

    got it figured out. I used the TWRP posted by TheSolutor in the 'source' provided.
    thank you so much. my 6010D is rooted now with TWRP.
    but on step 4, i followed the step but wouldnt work.

    here's my step.

    Install drivers from "ADB" and "MT6577 USB VCOM"
    Switch off phone and then remove battery. Connect phone to PC using USB cables.
    Insert battery but DO NOT switch on.

    hope this helps.

    Again thank you so much and also to TheSolutor

    Root is very easy with Framaroot just try

    @ Stanley

    Your must turn off your phone putt off battery, when you connect it, pull teh battery and
    you'll see yellow icon.,
    Click on(right button on the mouse), and install manually your drivers from adb repertory... enjoy ( sorry for my english i'm french...lol)

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    I have a 6010D (dual SIM) and I can't get the device in CWM recovery mode.

    In step 5 everything looks fine, except that SP flash tool gives a red line, then a YELLOW line and the the green circle. But on restart with Vol up / On-off combo, the white Alcatel One Touch logo appears for 20 seconds and then fades. After 30 seconds the device restarts again in normal mode. When checking in CMW or TWRP app, it states that the device is not rooted...

    I checked on One click post you say one-click root does not work on your device OK!

    Are you sure that you put correct CWM file - download this file

    Excuse me, i have the same problem and I can't install CWM :
    When I try to enter in CWM it freeze alcatel logo and restart !
    An idea ?

    Great tutorial! But same problem here (one touch 6010D, framaroot does not work), also reboot in recovery by mtk droid without result. Provided original recovery image in link has same result as CWM recovery image. I did restore of own made original recovery image and can get in standard android recovery again. Version issue?

    One Touch 6010D
    Android: 4.1.1
    Base band: MAUI.11AMD.W12.22.SP.V15.F5.P, 2013/03/26 18:40
    Kernel: 3.4.0

    Can you make a backup of your ROM via TWRP recovery or sp flash tool I will try on my phone ?

    I've managed to get root access by using the patched recovery image made by mtk droid from a ROM backup (sp flash). The ROM backup was made before I did any tweaking to my device. It worked at the first attempt without issues. I uploaded scatter file, original recovery and CWM recovery images. Hopefully this helps the other ones having the same issue.


    I worked until spflash tool/download. No yellow red line. It just stopped. 0‰. Which adb driver, just Driver or 32bit driver? It showed once installed successfully 32bit. Install both? I m using w7 ultimate 32bit laptop.

    ADB is for MTK Droid tools. You need from MTK VCOM drivers or just install Alcatel One Touch UPDATE there's all needed drivers for sp flash tool.

    ok i got cwm installed but i can't get past mtk tools.
    when i plug phone in, do i
    1)turn off phone/pull battery
    2)still in cwm
    3)phone is turn on

    ok i got connection with mtk tools (blue box bottom left) but root,backup selection is greyed out. selecting root bottom right shows 'permission denied'

    it alrite i got it now. thanks alot. abit of trial n error.

    hello everyone, I have a problem with my ot 6010D, I formated the system partition and now I can't turn it on or get to the recovery mode, I tried the one touch manager upgrade 2.8.0 but it say I have a wrong model even when I choose the 6010 model..is there any fix or a back up rom for this phone ?

    I can't understand everything Okay ?

    Hello, Said I'm administrator of Blog
    I want to ask you from where you formated system partition "from recovery" or "from sp flash tool" ?

    Thanx Admin for the reply. First, I were using sp flash and were busy installing the phone drivers, sudenly a partition poped up on my pc i thought it's my sd card and pc asked to format the partition to be readable, how ever it might not be the cause of problem maybe, i unplugged the usb cable while sp flash was connected to phone.

    One more time same problem like yours.I know deleting/formating system partition not possible from PC without special program like Sp flash tool I don't know what happening with your phone.
    So led on right cornel is working ?

    yes it's working and the phone can connect to sp flash no problem, i just don't know weather i have the right drivers beceause one touch upgrade s 2.8.0 keep saying that i selected the wrong model name, im not sure what is going to make the phone work again.

    Hi again,
    How did you know that have a connection with Sp flash tool.Аt the risk of repeating myself your phone hasn't any reaction screen turned off and not turning on with any button combinations ?
    Strange with wrong model.If you have warranty send it to service for repairing.

    yep it does not turn on any more even to the recovery, but i tried sp flash before and it worked, i just i din't have any roms or back up, any way i just were trying with the one touch upgrade s 2.8.0 and i choose another model like ot 998 and recognised the device and tried to updated and sais that i have an updated phone, i know it's weird but i don't know why this sofware can't recognise that i have 6010D model and reflash it. maybe it's just an issue with the driver, im not sure.

    i need firmware for flash my alcatel one touch star 6010d couse my phone stuck in Logo ..
    do you can help me ??

    Hello. Have you the Alcatel 6010a stock rom?

    Somebody know this! Please tell me