Aug 23, 2013

Battery saver app for one sim versions Alcatel STAR & IDOL

alcatel star battery saver app
I noticed on Alcatel STAR 6010D(dual sim) attending application called Battery Saver and not exist on my Alcatel STAR 6010X(one sim).
Let me introduce you with Battery Saver application.
Battery saver is very useful app on Alcatel Android phones which lies concealed active in notifications show time remaining on Active use and current Mode.

Battery saver shows time remaining on Active use:
- for Calls
- for Internet
- for Reading
- for Music

You can set battery saver on follow modes: 
- General(Haptic feedback is on and orientation is on brightness level at 30%).
- Optimal(everything's turned off & brightness levet at 20%).
- Sleep(this mod will be turning off all Networks, Wifi, Data connection, Bluetooth, GPS, Auto-sync you can't make a call only set when you go to bed).

One more great features:
You can set when power is lower than 10-20-30-40% to automatically switching specific mode.
Another feature you can for a specified time switching mode e.g. from 22:00 to 06:00.

Some Tips:
A mode is a special setting that changes and affects battery life usage.
General mode Optimal mode and Sleep mode are preset modes used to conserve battery life.These preset modes cannot be edited or deleted.

New modes can be added, customized and easily switched out to fit your user needs.
note: custom modes may not efficiently help extend battery life.

Custom modes can be edited or deleted by long pressing the mode icon.Make sure that the mode has been deactivated and not in use before you deleted it.


battery saver alcatel star idol