Aug 2, 2013

CWM & TWRP Recovery on Alcatel One Touch STAR, IDOL, SPOP, MPOP

cwm twrp recovery for alcatel star, idol, spop, mpop

I'm going to show to all of you how to install easily CWM & TWRP custom Recovery without flashing image from SP FLASH TOOL.
Now as you know how to Root, and probably have a Root with easy rooting method Framaroot on your Alcatel STAR, IDOL, SPOP, MPOP etc. or you don't have yet check this tutorial.

Detailed installation instructions: 

  1. Root your Alcatel.
  2. Download below ClockWorkMod & TWRP accordingly for your model:
  3. Alcatel STAR 6010x / 6010d Alcatel IDOL 6030x / 6030x Alcatel IDOL Mini 6012x / 6012d Alcatel SPOP (all versions) Alcatel MPOP
    6010x - CWM - v5 | v6
    6010d - CWM - v5 |v6
    6030x - CWM - v5 | v6
    6030d - CWM - v5 |v6
    6012x - CWM - v5 | v6
    6012d - CWM - v5 |v6
    CWM v5 | v6

    CWM v5 | v6
    6010x - TWRP - 2.4
    6010d - TWRP - 2.4
    6030x - TWRP - 2.4
    6030d - TWRP - 2.4
    6012x - TWRP - 2.4
    6012d - TWRP - 2.4
    TWRP 2.4 TWRP 2.4

  • Useful application "Mobileuncle" plays the most important role in this guide Download from Play Store Mobileuncle MTK Tools - link.
  • And open Mobileuncle app after installing then grand superuser permissions.
  • Go to 5 option "Recovery update"(this means will replace device stock recovery module when flashed from sdcard new recovery image file).
  • Choose your recovery file will be with extension .img анд you will be asked with message "Are you sure flash recovery! and need to press OK.
  • Wait to recovery replace and will be appear message Reboot into recovery mode you decide what you will do !
  • That's it ! ! !

  • Screen shot instructions
    mobileuncle tools mtk alcatel


    Thank you for your nice tips & tricks!
    I already installed CWM and would like to replace it by TWRP but it does not work. Every time it reboots under recovery, CMW remains the recovery mode used.
    I even tried to reinstall the original recovery with Mobileuncle, without succes :(.
    Would you have an idea how to replace CWM by TWRP then?
    Thanks again!

    Thanks for your reply
    My recommend change long name of recovery to recovery.img only
    And will be working !

    Porfavor quiero instalar cwm recovery en alcatel one touch idol 6030a ayuda por favor mil gracias.

    I don't know Spanish but I was using google translate and I found you want to install CWM Recvery on your Alcatel 6030a just follow instructions above.
    Please post comment in English!

    thanks a lot it works

    6030D does not works, after i'm restart my phone, it's go to Original Recovery

    rename long name with recovery.img

    I tried it, but it did not work. After I'm restart my phone, my device don't have any Recovery Mode, It's restart when I press Power + Volume Down after logo Alcatel to appear, When I don't press, My phone can boot to OS normally. After that, I replace Original Recovery and My devide return to the to initial
    I hope you have new CWM file for my phone! Thanks a lot!

    Hi there,
    Do you wanna try again CWM I attached new link working CWM for your Dual sim version :)

    works with the 6030a?

    I don't know because I haven't device.You can try there is nothing dangerous for your phone and tell me if it works.

    Thanks a lot, your new file working for my device 6030d dual sim. I success installed it

    i used the 6030d method. with the CWM recovery.

    Hello is any way to install TWRP recovery via stock recovery or ADB or mtk droid tools in one touch 6030x ? I changed some lines in build.prop and after reboot it stopped on orange logo. phone is rooted. I have copy of build.prop in the same folder on phone. ONE TOUCH UPGRADE telling me there is no grater software for my alcatel. I need to install TWRP because i cant run aroma file manager in stock recovery. sorry for English.

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    Thank you for reply.
    I have problem with connecting phone and using mtk droid tool to create scatter file. When I connecting turned off phone (MTK droid tools working) i hear windows "connected" sound and after 3-4 seconds it unplugging itself and phone displays fully charged battery. I haven't that problem when i using ONE TOUCH UPGRADE S it looks like One touch upgrade program preventing to self disconnecting of the phone. Sorry for my english.

    Ok. I installed your TWRP and new ROM from someone's TWRP backup. The problem was with error 10 code ("This device cannot start.") in Device Manager. I just downloaded the "MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc_PMT" scatter file from one of tutorials in internet. When choose TWRP and check only RECOVERY in Flash Tool, I plugged phone to USB and heard "plugged device sound" I quickly click "Download" and "Yes" it started flashing recovery. Past 2 seconds it disconnected itself (as it used to do) so I plug out and plug in again phone and Flash Tool finished flashing (green circle "Download OK"). It works. Sorry for english.

    I have an Orange San Remo (Alcatel OT 6030x) and I installed on it one TWRP with Mobileuncle but when I restart into recovery (ON|OFF Button + Volume UP) there is no more recovery now (neither the original nor TWRP). What should I do? Thanks!

    It worked! I followed your advice and changed the name of the original file into recovery.img.

    Can I update TWRP or CWM to latest version ??--KALRA INDIA [using 6030a]

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    can you give me original stock recovery ?

    Give me your original stock recovery

    Actually, I'm not sure if this phone has any recovery at all... I mean, when you hold VOL UP + PWR, it tells you that all data will be erased, blah blah blah in 5 different languages. There's a green check mark and a red X below. You'll have to long-press the green if you want proceed and the X if you want to quit. If you press the check mark, it will just restore factory settings. That's it.

    sorry for the double-posting.... not intentional. :)

    of course have a recovey.Please follow my guide for backing up your ROM and give me I will made for you CWM recovery or TWRP

    I'll try. but FYI, I'm on stock rom (4.1.2 build JZO54K).

    Hi, I have an Orange alcatel one touch star 6010x and I can't install any CWM or TWRP recovery (it freeze when I push ON|OFF Button + Volume UP)!

    Is your phone rooted ? if is rooted install mobile uncle tools and flash recovery.

    Yes, but I did that too...

    Thank you so much for help me !
    Else, what can I do ?
    It freeze also when I try to install the original recovery !

    So, I can't install any recovery ?

    Look rename long name of recovery to recovery.img only.

    Hi !
    I did what you say but it doesn't work... :(

    It doesn't work with the original, the TWRP or the CWM recovery with just recovery.img for the name.
    What can I do because I want to install the laucher of your article !

    tnx for all.. but i hawe one using alcatel ot idol 6030x..make root with framaroot and install twrp..yesterday i recived official update and i canot install it...when i try to install in twrp say that error...did you hawe some solution?my firmware is 1004F..

    I don't know why doesn't work on your phone.
    If you want give your original recovery I will port another recovery for you!!!

    Hello, official update check what you deleted, changed if you're delete some apps in ROM you need to revert to factory ROM if you have backup of your ROM restore it and restore stock recovery then install update.

    Yes please ! But how ?

    tnx for replay... yes i make a lot of changes and deleted some apps like(google+)with .sys
    but problem is i make a backup of ROM in that way..clean rom(erased google+) bad..
    but ok now i know that this is a problem why i canot install phone works nice and i think that i gona wait for CUSTOM ROM ...tnx one more time!!!!!..
    and yes...did you know if someone works on custom rom for us?..i looking everyday on xda but nothing yet..:(

    Hi Ivan,
    This is not good, but If you want I will give you backup of ROM for 6030X.
    As you know Alcatel has MediaTek CPU and not usual partition custpack like on most Androids this is one of bad problem for porting or developing custom ROM.
    I hope soon we to have CyanogenMod!!!

    Hey.. Why you think that this is not good? And yes if you can sand me your backup.. Tnx allot!... Your backup is fully stock or? One more time TNX for all man!

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    What I have to do ?
    Please help me and thank you again for your help !

    I uploaded Sp flash backup I think backup is already rooted but you can unroot easily.
    Download here

    can you upload a stock backup for the 6030a?

    Is it working on Alcatel Scribe HD (8008X) ? Thanks .

    No you need to give me your backup.

    Tnx alot man... Im gona later flash this and wrote if is ok... Hawe a nice day.. ;-)

    Which program I have to use to make a backup ? Thanks

    here's tutorial also check video tutorial on my youtube channel

    Hello every body
    I have a new star 6010D when i connect it to pc as sd card pc asks for formst and i did accidentally so there is any solution to recover this mistake

    Hello, I'm admin of blog
    Ok your phone is still working ?

    Hi there some mode or something to make LED more brightnest (power of light) because in dark i badly see my LED notification!
    And yes your backup works.. Tnx alot one more time!

    No sorry and I want to more brighnest but that's is power of LED :(
    Good for backup !!!

    Low led ha.. Bad! :-(... Today i make with gravity box that my backlight of keys blink when some notification ariwed... And works... Happy.. :-).. Its batter then led ligt..

    Yes and I tried looks amazing :)

    Hi Kubo... please take a look to this thread on xda ...
    Is there any way to do that ? Same specs ... only screen different, but same resolutions.

    To be honest is a Orange San Remo = 6030X Alcatel One Touch Idol ... from romanian provider - ORANGE RO.

    Wooow... I hawe.. :finger crossed for this.. Because i read a lot of post on xda and i think this port of rom 4.1.2 gona work on oure device... Kubo! What you think?

    Phone ZTE v970/v970m and has same proc MTK6577 as our One Touch Idol ....
    Maybe someone could port this rom to our phone ...

    Hello, I think there is no difference between our JB just another launcher and some modifications on framework-res.apk & systemUI-res.apk!!!
    But I'm working on porting some ROM like Lewa, MIUI or other to our STAR, IDOL etc.

    hey can i ask ? .. what that hint that i have already twrp?

    Hi!! I have a 6010x and i tried the metod with mobile uncle and twrp recovery but the original recovery is erased and nothing flashed. Whats your opinion??

    is there any custom rom available for alcatel one touch star 6010d ? if then plz give me the link...thanks... Ripon from Bangladesh

    Will this work with the OT-6012

    Hello, i tried your method but everytime i press 'recovery update' i get a list of 25 files in an online directory i think called 'remote' but i cannot find the downloaded twrp recovery. Is there perhaps a setting i didn't check?

    hello to admins and well done for good job and keep up the good work to save us from our hell!

    i whould like to ask whats the differece between Star 6010x and 6010d, and as i saw you have the same file for both phones for TWRP and CWM is there any issue? i have the star 6010d can i use the file of TWRP with the name of 6010x?

    Hi is there any cwm or twrp for the Alcatel one touch evolve 5020t?
    been looking everywhere

    hi can you post ah recovery img fo alcatel magic/POP c3/ or alcatel 4033E

    Can i install TWRP or CWM on Alcatel one touch 7025D Snap?

    hey.. admin...
    i have a question
    i hope you help me of my
    alcatel ot idol 6030a
    what custom rom for my phone is compatible?

    tnx admin..
    i'll wait your answer... good day and God bless

    there's miui and couple of other lewa os

    please help me i need to flash my alcatel one touch star 6010d
    becouse my phone stuck in logo ..
    do you have firmware and maybe u can teach me how to flahsing my phone ...
    i'm always waitting for information ...thanks :D

    hello KUBO ..i have problem with my phone one touch star 6010D ..
    my phone allways stuck in logo.. maybe i must flashing but i don't have firmware ..
    do you can help me please ..??

    where is my phone alcatel idol 2 mini 6016x?

    Alcatel OT-6012D how to install all the application that has been flashed?

    because my phone keeps on and off all the time and they they flash it but then suddenly all the apps and programs were gone..what to do? please help....

    can u make twrp recovery for alcatel pop c7?? thank u in advance

    PLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE port a TWRP or a CWM for POP C7 7040D!!! I cannot find one anywhere on the internet.

    Easy. Brick it for real! Use ADB to flash say a recovery image to the system partition. Hahaha. Now it's really bricked and you will not get that message about the latest "firmware". LOL. Your Mobile Upgrade software will now flash.

    how to twrp/cwm recovery on alcatel ot pop D5 5038X?

    Hello ive got a question. I want to download the custon recovery for my Alcatel One Touch Idol. But if i dowload it i will always get a file named "TWRP2.4_Alcatel_STAR_6010X_[alcatelstarblogspot].img". I think this is not made for the Alcatel one touch Idol.
    Pleas help me and upload the right one.

    How to cwm/twrp Alcatel ot pop d5 5038X?

    Rafael Bañuelos delete 08 July, 2015 18:33

    How to install CWM Alcatel pixy 8 (l221) ???? Help me please

    Alexander Djordjevic delete 22 July, 2015 10:51

    I want to ask you, how to install custom room for my alcatel one touch pixi 8.(Tablet not 3g). My tablet has root permission.

    hi, can i change my stock recovery to CWM? my device is Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD.

    Need help im using alcatel pixi7 tablet.. PLS HELP.. THX