Aug 19, 2013

How to restore already created backup with Sp Flash Tool of Alcatel STAR, IDOL and all MTK devices

how to restore backup of alcatel one touch star idol xpop mpop spop with sp flash tool

Note: this post is related to this

In the previous post we have described How to do full backup of Alcatel STAR, IDOL and etc. now we will countinue post by the following How to restore alreday created backup of Alcatel STAR, IDOL and etc.Let's all learn how to do this.

So, what's needed again:

  • MTK VCOM Drivers - link
  • ADB Drivers - link
  • Sp Flash Tool - link
  • MTK Droid Tools - link
  • USB Cable from package

Your warranty is now void after using this tutorial.
We [ALCATELSTAR.BLOGSPOT.COM] not resposible for any damage of your Androd(like bricking, not turning on ,dead sdcard etc.) after using this tutorial.

  1. Install all above drivers or skip this step if you have already installed.
  2. Install/extract Sp Flash Tool & MTK Droid Tools to somewhere on PC.
  3. Launch green Android icon from folder MTK Droid Tools and go to root, backup, recovery.

    mtk droid tool backup alcatel star idol xpop mpop spop
  4. Plug USB cable and wait to drivers to installed.
  5. On root, backup, recovery scroll to down and look at "To proccess file ROM_ from Flash Tool"(this means To prepare files for Sp Flash Tool on the basis of the ROM file, received by function ReadBack in Sp Flash Tool) in a few words that means to split created backup in Sp Flash Tool into pieces in understandable variant that can be restore back to Sp Flash Tool so еnough talking let's continue choose ROM file.
  6. When you press on above option and load ROM file proccess will begin to perform spliting of files it will take about 5 minutes or less.
  7. Once the process is finished displayed "task is complete" all files will be saved on MTK DROID TOOLS/backups/Alcatel..../

    mtk droid tools backup mtk alcatel star idol
  8. Alright! almost done bit stuck :)
  9. Launch Sp flash Tool exe from folder.
Load scatter file from splited folder and all images will be loaded with the exception of RECOVERY,CUSTPACK and MOBILE_INFO you need to load manual:
- RECOVERY(under name factory_NONmodified_recovery.img)
- CUSTPACK(custpack2.img)
- MOBILE_INFO(same mobile_info.img)

sp flash tool load scatter

Final screen will like next and press DOWNLOAD button to restore backup then plug USB cable proccess will take over 5 minutes.
You will get message Download warning: Not all images are correctly loaded, which may cause boot up issue! Do you still want to go on downloading anyway ?
sp flash tool download alcatel star idol


I hope I've helped many of you :)


I brick my device. I don't know how. When purple line load I saw error. Now mt device is brick. I use preloader to my device, soo I don't have hard brick, yes or no? And what Can I do now?

What is your model?
Preloader from which device ?
Does screen light boot logo ?

Alcatel One Touch Idol (6030X)

Preloader is from portugal version alcatel ot Idol - the same device, but I life in Polish
probably I used good preloader to my device.

I saw somewhere abaout alcatel ot idol is very easy device to unbrick. It's true?

And I don't run device with kabel usb but I only see MTK USB VCOM or something like that, when I use volum up or something and put into pc my smarthphone I see only drivers MTK USB VCOM, never saw preloader drivers ;<

Do you have a backup from your original phone ?
And why you try to flash preloader ?
I think it is a problem of preloader because these are the same devices also "Preloader" is not a drivers this is important block on phone.
Have you tried Alcatel One Touch UPGRADE to fix your phone on factory ROM so, if you have not tried download from and install then try to fix your phone.

Hello i somehow deleted system folder on my 6030x can someone link it to me please?

Hello, you can't delete system folder while using system.
Phone working ?

Hello Mr.Kubo created backup from phone. my problem is when i use MTK Droid Tool to split rom .
when i checked log file:
"PMT: Not present! ??????????."
In MTK Droid Tool its marked red.
Can you explain it.
Cant upload my backup rom .i am on slow connection---Kalra INDIA (USING 6030A)


Don't worry not a problem
See on my video same

Thank You Mr.Kubo ---Kalra

sometime ago i saw a 4.3 rom but now i can't find the place. anyone know?

If have 4.3 version you will get via system update app for yet 4.3 nothing.

can still get ota after rooting and custom recovery? anyway i don't think alcatel will give update. i updated via laptop and its 4.1.1. i thought it is 4.1.2

I think you can't update anymore if you root or install custom recovery.My version of Alcatel STAR 6010x is 4.1.1 and no update from purchasing of the phone I don't like if no updates :(

you saved my life. I restore my phone with this tutorial . thank you!

My phone (alcatel one touch idol 6030x) won't install device drivers when powered off so the flash tool really can not detect my device, how can I fix this?

origin of the problem: I rooted my phone and mistakenly deleted some system apps. Now I don't have a statusbar and wallpapers.

I saw above a guy who you gave a copy of a backup for 6030x so i downloaded that.

the drivers when off is really the problem.

sorry for my english, I am french, I panic!
I have a alcatel one touch star 6010X and i reset this phone after changes of apk of system and my phone, can not have notification and can not receive messages because I replace the application sms by hangout if you could help me and give me your backup system I'd appreciate ...
thank you very much


I need to install the ROM with Flashtool Please Alcatel 6010x

Rom Stock Para Alcatel Star 6010x Quien me la puede Dar?

plz help me...i have alcatel ot star 6010d.....i rooted my phone and installed busybox...but i uninstalled busybox for some reason...but now my phone factory resets every time it is memory also show files....i shaw some solutions in net regarding move the 'busybox' file to system/xbin to system/bin...but i find no 'busybox' file in system/xbin....plz help me !!!! :'( :'(

my mobile
karbonn titanium x

stock rom was backup using mtk tools.

i have flash the kitkat rom but it was bootloops condition...
and the mobile was not booting into recovery or bootloder modes..

i tried to restore my backup rom using sf flash tools but it was not working...
is there any other method to restore backup rom....

please help me...


My phone has a BootLoop problem now. It's happened after changing the hidden theme. Can you please give me the CustPack file for 6010D? I would be very happy.


ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 6010 ForFlashtoolFromReadBack download plis.

hii kubo... how to unpack stock room for alcatel 6010d ... i'm so tired try and allways try but i can't unpack stock room ... please help me how to unpack !!

If you mean stock ROM created with SP FLASH TOOL you can do this with MTK DROID TOOLS(which is "to process file ROM_ ) watch the video on my YT channel.

I have an error.

brom error s_ft_download_fail (4008)

Any idea on this?

What model ?
Try with another SP FLASH TOOL or another scatter file.
Don't flash Preloader and MBR!!!

i'm already download stock rom for my alcatel 6010d
becouse my phone stuck in logo.. i want to flashing my phone with stock rom.. but i can't unpack

please help me

Just use the latest sp flash tool and the mt6575 scatter emmc.txt