Sep 25, 2013

How to change bootlogo of MediaTek Alcatel STAR & IDOL

how to change boot logo alcatel one touch star idol mpop xpop

Do you want to modify or create new one bootlogo for your Alcatel STAR, IDOL or another MediaTek Android devices yes you're on the right place.
Today I am going to show you how to change easily bootlogo on your MediaTek device.
A little explanation of what is Bootlogo:
Bootlogo is first screen that you see on first booting on your Alcatel STAR, IDOL or other MediaTek Android device.
Alcatel STAR, IDOL & other MediaTek device has three boot screens:
- first - logo.bin;
- second - boot_logo located in /system/media/images;
- third - the default bootanimation for all Android devices simple changable from newbies;

For changing logo.bin(first screen) follow this guide:

you need from logo.bin and Logo builder:
Logo Builder is a PC tool with features for editing logo.bin & boot_logo.
Logo Builder by Kadan - download
Logo Builder official webpage - link

DISCLAIMER: We( are not responsible for any damage on your phone after following this TUTORIAL.DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

1.Extract zip somewhere to PC and launch Logo Builder.

changing bootlogo mtk alcatel star idol

2.Press Create new project and find your logo.bin file then save all contained images from logo.bin to anyplace on your PC.
3.You will see this screen after saving logo.bin contained images.

logo.bin editin alcatel mtk

4.You can remove first image go to destination folder which you saved logo.bin images.
note:dimensions of new image/picture need to should be the same with original file with extension png and same file name(img1.png on my Alcatel STAR) otherwise you will see a broken screen if you do not follow these recommendations.

bootsplash chaning alcatel star idol mediatek

5.After you replacing old images with new ones  you can use Make option.
On Logo Builder one of good features is making for easily flashing logo.bin via TWRP or CWM recovery.
6.Take your from folder that program saved and copy to SDCARD.
7.Boot into Recovery and install & Enjoy!!!

For changing boot_logo(second screen):

1.Press arrow to create new boot_logo
2.Choose your image that you like and save new boot_logo to anyplace then copy to SDCARD.
3.You need to manualy replace boot_logo to /system/media/images with old and set permissions to 777(all checkboxes).

boot_logo change mediatek alcatel star

Original logo.bin files:

- Alcatel 4030x - download 
- Alcatel 4030d - download 
- Alcatel 6010x - download 
- Alcatel 6010d - download 
- Alcatel 6030x - download 
- Alcatel 6030d - download 


Wow nice tutorial---Kalra India


If you have backup from Sp flash tool there is logo.bin.
I will post for each model logo.bin.