Oct 12, 2015

Custom ROM LOLLIFOX for Alcatel Idol mini 6012

android lollipop 5.0 for alcatel idol mini lollifox rom

Here we go a Android Lollipop Looks ROM - LOLLIFOX.A Lollifox ROM is the fastest and smoothest ROM developed ever for Alcatel Idol mini 6012 - MTK6572, also it available for other chipsets like MTK6589, MTK6582 etc.ROM developed by fmddev team which provides best user experience with Android Lollipop looks it has themed to provide amazing looks, fast & smooth running on MTK6572 CPU which is in range of low-end chipsets.
If we compare with stock ROM there's no two opinions 'cause ROM running really fast with trully improvements and enhancements.

Some of features observed by me:
  • - Based on Android JellyBean 4.2.2 but with Material design from Android Lollipop
  • - Android Lollipop at 95% themed
  • - Lightweight over 100-120mb
  • - Hardly optimized for Fastest & Smoothest than other ROMs
  • - More space for Apps & Games
  • - Volume boost by default for media, calls, fm radio, headphones(no manual required)
  • - Supports dual sim on model Alcatel idol mini 6012d
  • - Partitions info in Developer options
  • - Suitable for daily using(even no lags, actually for this moment I don't meet any) 
  • - Brightness slider in notification bar
  • - Some improvements for graphics, sound, sensors, calls, 3g, wifi, camera etc.
  • - Integrated Gapps 
  • - Startup apps - disabler/enabler in Settings
  • - Quick shortuct for Engineer mode in Settings
  • - 100% I missed some things!
Installation instructions for Lollifox ROM - Alcatel Idol mini:

files for downloading:
  1. A ROM - Lollifox ROM for Alcatel Idol mini 6012 - LINK
important steps
- first make sure you've Root.
- second make sure you've installed custom recovery - TWRP or CWM
(if you don't have check out this post).

- Turn off device completely

- Boot into Recovery by holding together Vol up + Power button for 5seconds.

For TWRP use touch screen:
  1. Go to WIPE and choose factory reset then confirm.
  2. Go back to main then INSTALL and choose zip archive which previously put into your SDcard.
  3. Wait installation to complete.
  4. You can reboot your device.
  5. Enjoy of this great ROM.

For CWM use buttons:
  1. Go to wipe data/factory reset and confirm.
  2. Go to install and choose zip archive which previously put into your SDcard.
  3. Wait to finish installation.
  4. That's it.
  5. Reboot & Enjoy of Lollifox ROM.
Video tutorial of installation & Review of Lollifox ROM

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Aug 25, 2015

How to Root Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 4009d 4013d 4027d 5017d

how to root alcatel pixi 3 4009 4013 4027 5017

In this tutorial I'll describe How to Root Alcatel Pixi 3 4009d Alcatel Pixi 3 4013d Alcatel Pixi 3 4027d Alcatel Pixi 3 5017d.No PC required you just need from internet connection for downloading Kingroot.Kingroot is app which will root your Alcatel Pixi 3 with just One Click Root for about 1min it's pretty amazing.You can root your Alcatel Pixi 3 which comes with Android Kitkat 4.4.2 at 100% guarantee of root success.

  1. First download app from this - LINK.
  2. Put into sdcard or internal card.
  3. Make sure you're checked unknown sources for installing non-market app.Options is located in SETTINGS then SECURITY scroll down to locate Unknown sources.
  4. Install Kingroot apk.
  5. Then open it and press try to root!
  6. Process takes up to 1min.
  7. Finally you'll see Root is succesfully!!!
  8. That's it!
  9. As you can read it's super simple just one click to root your Alcatel Pixi3.
  10. Enjoy of Rooted device.

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Aug 23, 2015

How fully Unroot Alcatel device or any other Android device

unroot android with super su alcatel
In this Tutorial you'll learn How to Unroot your Alcatel device or any other Android device with SuperSU app without PC needed just with one click.SuperSU will fully Unroot your device and you don't worry about warranty if you're needed to return to service for repair just like factory state.
SuperSU is root management tool which is most popular app around Android users.

  1. First if you're Rooted your device with Framaroot One Click Root App you need from SuperSU app download from market - here or if you're already using SuperSU.
  2. Open SuperSU and go to setting.
  3. Scroll down to option Full Unroot - cleanup for permanent unroot.
  4. Press this and confirm unrooting!
  5. Wait some time untill app says you're device is unrooted succesfully and reboot device.
  6. Finally you can check with Root checker or other app for sure if you're unrooted.
  note: this method doesn't work if you're rooted with Kingroot app.

Here's the Video tutorial How to Unroot your Android Alcatel device or other Android!

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Kingroot Root Alcatel Idol mini and various Alcatel devices and even most Mediatek Android devices

kingroot root alcatel idol mini oneclick root android

In this tutorial you'will learn How to Root your Alcatel Idol mini or any other Alcatel One Touch Android device even too most Android devices with another processor Mediatek, Qualcomm, Exynos etc.
It is almost a 100% guarantee One Click Root App which will root your device without PC, USB or another device needed it's Kingroot app One Click Root.
Kingroot has ability to root your device with single click root app.

Disclaimer:We or no one can responsible for any damange on your device.It's your risk!

How to root with Kingroot One Click Root App:
  1. First download Kingroot apk from - here.
  2. Then transfer to your device with USB or Wifi app or directly download into your device with Android browser.
  3. Make sure your're checked unknown sources option in settings->security.
  4. Then install Kingroot into your device.
  5. Finally try to Root! 
  6. Enjoy of Root privileges :)
  Here's the Video tutorial How you can Root with Kingroot app!

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How to Root Alcatel Idol mini 6012x 6012e 6012w with Framaroot

 how to root alcatel idol mini framaroot mediatek

Are you tried to Root Alcatel Idol mini without success here's the guide How to Root Alcatel Idol mini.This's oneclick root app which works on 90% Alcatel Idol mini models.It's super simple just follow steps below no PC or USB required:
  1. Download Framaroot from link - here
  2. Transfer with USB or Wifi transfer Framaroot apk
  3. Put into your SD card or Internal memory
  4. Check unknown sources from settings - > security
  5. Install Framaroot on your device
  6. And press options inside until you see Success you've root!!!

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Jan 6, 2015

Stock ROMs for most Alcatel One Touch STAR, IDOL, IDOL MINI, POP C1 and others

Many people are looking for stock ROMs, because their Alcatel devices are bricked like bootloop after did some modifications on their device and they don't have a backup of stock firmware.
Here we will post most Alcatel One Touch Stock ROMs for thus who needed to flash back to their Alcatel One Touch.
Some ROMs are from forums and we don't know from what country are they.
We recommend to make a full backup of your device before to do anything even root or installing some apps.
If you don't know how to make a backup of your Alcatel device or any other Mediatek based device take a look at this guide: How to make backup of Alcatel device or Mediatek device
  1. Download Stock ROM for Alcatel STAR 6010x - link
  2. Download Stock ROM for Alcatel STAR 6010d - link(you need to upack with MTK DROID TOOLS)
  3. Download Stock ROM for Alcatel IDOL 6030x - link
  4. Download Stock ROM for Alcatel IDOL 6030a - link
  5. Download Stock ROM for Alcatel IDOL MINI 6012x - link
  6. Download Stock ROM for Alcatel IDOL MINI 6012d - link
  7. Download Stock ROM for Alcatel POP C1 - link
  8. Download Stock ROM for Alcatel Pixi 3 3.5 4009d - link
TWRP backup 6010d - link
TWRP backup 6010x - link
TWRP backup 6012x - link

Guide of How to flash stock ROM on Alcatel here's the full tutorial check this link: How to restore mediatek backup of Alcatel or any other Mediatek based device

Caution: don't use preloader and dsp_bl this files are specific for each device if you flash on your device it may brick your device completely.Just careful read guide of restoring there are everything explained.
Disclaimer: We are not responsible for bricked devices after using stock ROMs from this post.Do it at your own risk!
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