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Hi! I need instructions from restore my device with sp flash tool. I have backup, but now I must restore it. My device Alcatel OT Idol. 6030x. Could you help me? Faster than possible?

I greet,

Wait I will post instructions and video

Hi! Please help me with faceebok account. My name is Adam Nalepa, I brick my smartphone and I need your help. Please; <

great site ! just missing custom ROM.
checking the site everyday to see if there is any custom rom out for the STAR.

keep up the good work.


Yeah, great blog. Cool that you put so many tutorials in english in one place!

Hello Mr.Kubo why there is no custom roms on internet.can you make custom Rom.If no why its difficult to make roms on alcatel idol phone.I am searching custom Roms for idol every night nothing available on XDA ;Russian sites;Serbian sites ,Greek sites ---KALRA INDIA

No custom ROMS for Alcatel Star, Idol, Xpop etc. because very hard to porting Alcatel have another not typical partition /custapck I recommend don't search for the moment but very soon I hope will be one custom ROM may be CyanogenMod I will post when we have such
Best Wishes!

Quick response Mr.Kubo .Yeah me too waiting for CyanogenMod .Checking the site everyday .
Your blog is simply outstanding.---KALRA INDIA (6030A)

Is there anyway to change android BOOT SPLASH screen on IDOL (6030A)?---Kalra India

Ok great idea
Wait 1-2 days I will post tutorial how to change first bootlogo and second bootlogo!

Hi Mr. Kubo .can you tell me how to change the icon colors in the notification bar on the 6030A and can we resize apps icon without the help of any launchers---Kalra India

Please help to resize apps icon.its too big

But Mr.Kubo how to change the icon colors in the notification bar.Is it possible in 6030A?

Yes possible you need to remodify res on SystemUI-res.apk or framework-res.apk

Mr.Kubo, I want to edit some files in a TWRP recovery.img file (don't like yellow layout in TWRP recovery .img) but i cant open the .img file. Can you tell me how to open .img files?
Thanks in advance---Kalra India 6030A

You need to unpack img file Yes you can with here's the tool: LINK

Mr.Kubo, How to open custpack.img (6030A).Cant open even with yaffey.exe. Damn I hate Custpack.img .PLZ help
Thanks in advance---Kalra India 6030A

You can open with this program

Hi Mr.Kubo.

First of all I would like to thank you for this great site and this great help that you do to the community.

I posses an Alcatel One Touch Star 6010D,

I was wounding if it would be possible to enable USB Host support on "One Touch Star 6010D".

Also if it would be possible to install USB Ethernet gadget on this model.

Thanks for your help

HI .....KUBO...please PM me....i have big problem with my ot idol!...i need your solution!

Mr Kubo, I have a big petition for you. My close friend have Alcatel OT Star. I recommended that phone for him. But he is very disappointed from 3x4 T9 keyboard less. I found that nice keyboard from Xperia, and it's working on S Advance, so I think it should be easy to port this to Alcatel and it will solve my and my friend problems. Can you do something with that? May be you can try install with custom recovery? I try with factory stock recovery but appear "installation aborted". I will be very grateful. Links below:

Is there any living soul around here ??

Is there any living soul around here ??

Hello !
First of all thank you for all the informations, this website is really complete and accessible.
My request :
I recently bought a TCL S820 (equivalent OT 6030D).
Flash it and put a custom ROM, this ROM is for 6030A, works perfectly fine yet I lost the dual sim fonction and it requires a ME sim code.

I would be so thankfull if you can give me an original ROM for 6030D, whatever version except a chinese one !

Thank you in advance.

Hello, I have a problem with my device(OT IDOL 6030x). Its completely bricked, It gets stuck on onetochIDOL logo and thats it. I tried backing it up and restoring with SPFlashtool but It didn't work for me. After the last step (that yellow bar fills up) I turned on my phone and I was stuck again....P.S. allready tried hard reset and that does not seem to work either.

same problem but use twrp backup (if you are able to boot in twrp recovery) ---Kalra

the DEAD BLOG..........

Good Day Sir! I am alcatel user, but my device is 5035e. I have big problem with my device, I try to root it but it went very wrong, I wiped my stock firmware without having a backup. If you could give a link to download a stock firmware, it will be much more appreciated!!


here's your ROM -

Hello dear Alcatel Star Blogger

I love your blog and learned some couple of new things from you.
Please continue with your work!

I have a special request.

My Smartphone doesn't boot anymore and I can only access TWRP recovery.
Unfortunately I deleted my backup and my Notebook broke last week (with a copy on it).

Is there a possibilty that you can help me out?
I only need a empty Alcatel backup?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

I recently had a problem with my 6010x device ... I accidentely erase the /custpack files :-(
I saw your videos and I think you can help me. Can you send me the /custpack folder or better, a full backup of 6010x system
Thank you,
I love your blog and your videos :-)

hi Sir, do you know where i can get a stock rom for 6033x. i had massive trouble and need to flash a stock rom. i am searching since 2 days, but cant find anything. can u help please? mobile upgrade wont work. the 6033x is the only phone that is not listed in the tool. FOUND A ROM for one touch idol, i think it should work with all idol models (6030x/d/a) because it has dual sim menagment on my 6030x. PLEASE NOTICE this rom is still in early beta

Hi, great blog! Have used several of the tips and twaeks successfully on my newly acquired OT Star 6010. I have a few of questions that I have not found the answer to yet:

- Is there any way to get rid of the Google search bar at the top of the screen, in order to use the space to widgets and shortcuts instead?

- Is there a way to expand the desktop to say seven screens instead of the standard five?

- Is it possible to rename shortcuts on the desktop? Change certain shortcut icons?

Thanks in advance
Erik, Sweden

plz help me...i have alcatel ot star 6010d.....i rooted my phone and installed busybox...but i uninstalled busybox for some reason...but now my phone factory resets every time it is memory also show files....i shaw some solutions in net regarding move the 'busybox' file to system/xbin to system/bin...but i find no 'busybox' file in system/xbin....plz help me !!!! :'( :'(

Alcatel One Touch Idol S (6034R) which has snapdragon processor. Is it possible this can have CWM or TWRP recovery installed?

hi guys. my warranty expired 1 week ago, and today my phone died :)) its alcatel one touch idol 6030. everything worked just fine, and once i tried to unlock the screen, i found it turned off. i tried to turn it on like 10 times and it keeps freezing on t-mobile logo, immediately after one touch idol logo. i tried soft reset, i tried removing sim and memory card, i even tried hard reset and nothing happen it keeps freezing. any idea what to do? thanks in advance. cheers, kris